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  Welcome to Bonsai in Singapore Neighbourhood! 


  The aim of this website is to provide an interactive platform for all Bonsai enthusiasts to share their experiences and thoughts on Bonsai-related matters, such as cultivating and nuturing Bonsai plants. Through this website, I would also like to showcase my personal collection of Bonsai plants and pots.


  Most of the Bonsai plants displayed on my website are planted using the cutting method and carefully nutured to become premature Bonsai materials. Instead of purchasing full-grown Bonsai materials from the nursery, I prefer to grow my plants myself from the start. This way, I can exercise my imagination and shape the style of my Bonsai plants in any way I want. Cultivating Bonsai plants from the start is very rewarding as it only takes a short period of time for the plant to grow into a miniature size. 


  If you have any comments on my website or experience to share, please feel free to drop me an email at

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